Saturday, March 10, 2012

Help on lousy USPS postal service and mailmen?

I mailed rather expensive Prada boots by USPS Priority mail with confirmation tracking No. but without insurance.

My problem is tracking No. shows that it's been delivered but in truth it never was delivered.

Recipient went to the post office and spoke with a post master re undelivered package but was told that there is nothing he can do because the package is not insured and the mailman who supposedly delivered a package is on vacation and will not be returning until 2010.

Anyone knows what steps I should take?

ThanksHelp on lousy USPS postal service and mailmen?
I am sorry to hear about this, but it does not surprise me that the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE is unreliable. Next time, use UPS or FEDEX. The USPS believes it does not have to answer to anyone, and can continue to rack up ridiculous debt. Always insure expensive items, or at least ask for a required signature.

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